The 10 Selected Productions

Anatomie Titus Fall of Rome

A Shakespeare commentary
by Heiner Müller
Münchner Kammerspiele

Premiere Schauspielhaus 15 November 2003
Anatomie Titus Fall of Rome

Anatomie Titus Fall of Rome

© Andreas Pohlmann

  • 1 h 45 min, without interval

Past Dates

Talk with the audience: Sun 02 May 21.30
Venue: Haus der Berliner Festspiele

It has been a long time since one has felt so strongly in the theatre that just a few symbols suffice to convey the unspeakable, the shocking – the imagination will do the rest. In contrast to this, images flicker in from outside: the conquest of the stage from the street. The association with the terrorist hostage-taking in the Moscow musical theatre comes to mind. Yet it soon becomes clear: this is less an occupation by violence than by swift assimilation. The Goths of yesteryear are the tourists, the entertainers of the present; the assumption of these roles goes off perfectly. Shakespeare’s bloody spectacle has become a radical mind game in Munich. And, thanks to an excellent cast, an event of primary theatrical nature.
Gerhard Jörder


Directed by Johan Simons
Stage Design Bert Neumann
Costume Design Nina von Mechow
Lighting Design Max Keller / Jan-Christof Haas
Music Bo Koek
Dramaturgy Koen Tachelet / Tilman Raabke

Titus Andronicus André Jung
Marcus Michael Neuenschwander
Lucius Paul Herwig
Lavinia Nina Kunzendorf
Saturnin Matthias Bundschuh
Bassian Stephan Zinner
Tamora Marion Breckwoldt
Demetrius René Dumont
Chiron Lorenz Nufer
Aaron Hans Kremer
A Goth Martin Butzke
A Goth Mira Partecke
An Entertainer Wolfgang Pregler