Smith Quartet, Arcángel, Cañizares

Past Dates

For more than 20 years Smith Quartet has dedicated itself to contemporary music and is considered one of the most dynamic ensembles. In its concert the quartet will present a variety of different new pieces by Portuguese composers Pedro Rebelo, João Pedro Oliveira, Miguel Azguime and Carlos Caires, and two compositions by Spanish composer Mauricio Sotelo. Labyrinth by João Pedro Oliveira is inspired by poetry by Mário de Sá-Carneiro and explores musical places and spaces with a view to their elusiveness. Paraitre Parmi by Miguel Azguime for string quartet and electronics uses the principle of frequency modulation as a common basis for acoustic and synthetic sound processes. Also Shadow Quartet by Pedro Rebelo positions itself at the interface between acoustic instruments and electronics. Four old violins at the same time serve as sound boxes and loudspeakers and thus create the “shadows” of the quartet.

The second part of the concert will be dedicated to Mauricio Sotelo. Both pieces, Audéeis for string quartet and cantaor, featuring exceptional flamenco singer Arcángel, and Como llora el agua, featuring outstanding guitarist Juan Manuel Cañizares, combine a “classical” instrumentation with traditional forms, and the soloists keep up the delicate balance between their own style and the melos rhythm of flamenco.

João Pedro Oliveira
Labirinto for string quartet with electronics (2001) GP

Miguel Azguime
Paraître Parmi for string quartet with live electronics (2006) GP

Pedro Rebelo
Shadow Quartet for string quartet, live electronics and 4 hanging violins (2007) GP

Carlos Caires
Horizon for string quartet with live electronics (2008) WP/CW Miso Music Portugal

Mauricio Sotelo
Como llora el agua for flamenco guitar solo (2008) WP/CW
Audéeis for vocals (cantaor) and string quartet (2004)

18:00 Introduction
with Miguel Azguime and Mauricio Sotelo
Matthias Osterwold, moderation

Smith Quartet
Arcángel flamenco singer/cantaor
Cañizares guitar
Miso Studio: Miguel & Paula Azguime live elektronics/sound direction
UNI.K – UdK: Marcel Braun / Christian Jaeger / Claudia Neumann assistance

CIRCUITS is a co-production of Miso Music Portugal in cooperation with British Council and Portuguese Music Information Centre, supported by Direcção Geral des Artes/Ministério da Cultura, Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD, Instituto Camões and UNI.K – UdK | Studio für Klangkunst und Klangforschung. With support of the Spanish Embassy in Berlin.