Achterbahn. Gennady Khazanov, Anna Bolshova

© Theater Anton Tschechow



By Eric Assous
Russian translation from the French by
Irina Prochorov and Vladimir Alekseev Theatre Anton Chekhov, Moscow

  • Length 1h 45, no interval
  • In Russian without surtitles

The piece by Eric Assous was written explicitly for Alain Delon. Gennady Khazanov takes over from the famous French actor and appears to us on the stage as a confident, skilled lover. However, his assertiveness and agility only show outwardly – inside he is a lonely man, not without all kinds of complexes. He plays brilliantly! His stage partner is in no way inferior (the role of Helen in “Achterbahn” is considered to be one of Anna Bolshova’s most magnificent roles) – in the course of the play the heroine manages to incorporate five completely different personalities.

In theatre, as in life, joy goes along with sadness, the ridiculous with the beautiful. “Achterbahn” – a love story that takes place only on two days and in only two theatre hours. What can happen to people in such a short time? But it is no coincidence that the name of the play, “Achterbahn” emphasizes the speed of the events unfolding on the stage. Change of scenes and the image of the heroine shock, passions grow with each passing minute and the finale, completely unexpected, will surprise everyone.

The play conveys strong emotions and reflections on the fatal mistakes in life. In miniature, viewers are exposed to all the complexities of the relationship between a man and a woman. However, the audience gets all this depth and meaning only in passing – the piece is not a cautionary moral tale with elements of drama but “almost a comedy”, light and funny.

Wonderful stage setting, beautiful decorations, unusual directorial work combined with talented acting – a must for any theatre lover.

Directed by Leonid Trushkin
Composer Vladimir Davydenko
Stage Boris Krasnow
Costumes Vladimir Viquious (France)

Helen Anna Bolshova
Pierre Gennady Khazanov