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IPPNW Charity Concert

Projects of Hope – 35 Years of Alternative Nobel Prize
Concert for the Alternative Nobel Prize
Right Livelihood Award

Mariani Klavierquartett

Mariani Klavierquartett

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15:00 Talk with Ole von Uexküll and Peter Hauber
Host: Helge Grünewald

The Right Livelihood Award was founded in 1980 by German-Swedish publicist, philatelist and later Member of the European Parliament Jakob von Uexküll. Today, it is better known as the “Alternative Nobel Prize”. The prize honours and supports those offering practical and exemplary answers to the most urgent challenges facing us today. An international jury selects the laureates each year.

The prize supports the award winner’s work with a financial contribution. In addition, it serves to promote scientific research and practical activities addressing the most urgent challenges facing us today that defy any standard classification. Award recipients strive to meet challenges involving human rights, peace, conflict resolution, the rights of minorities, cultural and spiritual renewal, environmental protection and the sustainable use of our resources. Further topics pursued by the award recipients include globalisation, agriculture, children, education, nutrition, alternative technologies and new economic models.

153 people and organisations based in 64 countries have been awarded the “Alternative Nobel Prize” since 1980. They all demonstrate that with drive, courage and creativity seemingly unsolvable challenges can be overcome.

The “Alternative Nobel Prize” is financed by private donors. The first was Jakob von Uexküll, who provided the initial funding for the foundation in 1980. Since then, many private supporters have followed his example.

Johann Sebastian Bach [1685-1750]
Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 in B flat major BWV 1051 [1721]
arranged for cello ensemble by Valter Dešpalj

Welcome: Ole von Uexküll
Director of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation

Robert Schumann [1810-1856]
Forest Scenes Piano pieces op. 82 [1848/49]
Excerpts arranged for twelve cellos by Ludwig Quandt
Eintritt – Jäger auf der Lauer – Einsame Blumen – Jagdlied

Richard Strauss [1864-1949]
Piano Quartet in C minor op. 13 [1883-85]

Mariani Klavierquartett
Philipp Bohnen, violin
Barbara Buntrock, viola
Peter Philipp Staemmler, cello
Gerhard Vielhaber, piano

The 12 cellists of the Berliner Philharmoniker

A joint event by IPPNW-Concerts,
Berliner Festspiele / Musikfest Berlin
and Berliner Philharmoniker Foundation