Ohne Titel Nr. 1

Ohne Titel Nr. 1

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The 10 Selected Productions

Ohne Titel Nr. 1 // Eine Oper von Herbert Fritsch (Untitled No. 1 // An Opera by Herbert Fritsch)

By Herbert Fritsch
Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin

World premiere 22 January 2014

  • 1h 30, no interval
  • Language no problem

Past Dates

Public discussion 15 May 2014, following the performance
Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Roter Salon
with the ensemble and Andreas Wilink (jury)
Moderation Vasco Boenisch

A squeaky wooden tone throws the orchestra and its conductor Ingo Günther for a loop. But then they start making their sounds, with crinkled-up cellophane, electric guitars, percussion, recorders or a triangle. They tinkle, clunk, cha-cha and rattle. A 1950s saloon orchestra, decked up as for a revue. The twelve performers are lounging on a settee – this thing from another (art) planet. They are resilient and refractory, like their inventor Herbert Fritsch. The only prop is this couch of so much more than human scale. The fidgeting creatures are sitting on it, hanging from it, stuck to it, they push off from it or crack their skulls on it. Fritsch, son of nonsense and primal creator of chaos, offspring of Chaplin, Valentin and Vaudeville, deploys his actors like mechanical bodies. This is captivatingly puzzled out, organized and staged: Nonsense, yes, but certainly not stupid. These children of buffoonery are certainly no conformists; they are original sex maniacs and players, driven by the directions of the music and of Fritsch, this worker of theatre-miracles.


Directed by / stage design Herbert Fritsch
Costume design Victoria Behr
Lighting design Torsten König
Music Ingo Günther, Herbert Fritsch
Sound design Klaus Dobbrick
Video Konstantin Hapke
Dramaturgy Sabrina Zwach

Florian Anderer
Matthias Buss
Nora Buzalka
Werner Eng
Patrick Güldenberg
Ingo Günther
Jonas Hien
Wolfram Koch
Inka Löwendorf
Annika Meier
Ruth Rosenfeld
Michael Rowalska
Fabrizio Tentoni
Axel Wandtke
Hubert Wild