A time and space installation by Mona el Gammal
Nominated by SIGNA Signa Köstler (SIGNA)

Premiere 19 July 2013 IFM, Cologne


© Pauline Fabry

  • approx. 20 minutes

The consistency of site specific stories
Workshop with Mona el Gammal
THU 15 May 2014, at 14:30 / Haus Nummer Null

Narrative Spaces
Talk with Signa Köstler and Mona el Gammal
SAT 17 May 2014 17:00 / Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Kassenhalle

The space and time installation, “HAUS//NUMMER/NULL” takes place in a dystopian future setting. The climate has reached tipping point and a totalitarian regime has taken over… Mona el Gammal’s space and time installation draws its audience – who enter individually – into a fictitious parallel world and turns them into the autonomous author of the mysterious biography of a certain Ms. N.

From Signa Köstler’s explanatory statement: “Mona el Gammal works without compromises. She devises spaces which, through their obsessive details, become real down to the last prop so that they momentarily replace reality. Mona el Gammal’s “narrative spaces” are far removed from conventional staged dramas but nevertheless reveal a great deal about theatre, especially the role of the audience.”

Artistic Direction, concept, scenography & direction Mona el Gammal
Assistance to the artistic direction and direction of construction Sarah Haas
Direction of production Dana Georgiadis
Concept, text & direction Juri Padel
Sound Tom Förderer
Light Michael Rudolph
Screen design Tim Stadie
Video installation Horst von Bolla
Costume design Ira Hellenthal
Graphic art Christian Bo, Sabine Schnitzler, Bernadette Boebel, Nadine Wessler & Oliver Hardes
Dramaturgical advice Henning Fülle
2nd assistant to the artistic direction Thomas Scheele
Assistance to direction of construction Martin Heise
Trainee Julia Bahn
Speakers Petra Bogdahn, Lara Hoffmann, Petra Gantner, Markus Klauk, Siri Nase, Wanda Fritzsche, Jenny Steenken
Websites Designbüro Hardes & Wessler, Cologne

Production Mona el Gammal / Naumon e.V.