Focus Dimiter Gotscheff


By Anton Chekhov
Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin

Premiere 19 March 2005


© Thomas Aurin

  • 2h 20, no interval

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Everything is empty here: the stage, people’s hearts and their heads. A bare stage is filled only with fog, out of which characters dare to emerge into the audience’s sights before they retreat back into the mist. The production presents Chekhov’s “Ivanov” as a grotesque comedy of a stagnating society. This much is not new. However, the way in which Dimitier Gotscheff transforms a series of explosive, resigned, cynical or melancholy solos into a soul-searching piece which mercilessly exposes the alienated psychology of the modern individual is quite remarkable. The actors, led by Samuel Finzi as a repressed and doubt-ridden Ivanov trying unsuccessfully to come to terms with his existential distress, make their characters’ impotent ponderings painfully powerful.
Hartmut Krug, jury member Theaterteffen 2006

Directed by Dimiter Gotscheff
Stage design Katrin Brack
Costume design Katrin Lea Tag
Music Sir Henry
Lighting design Henning Streck
Dramaturgy Peter Staatsmann

Ivanov Samuel Finzi
Anna Petrovna, his wife Almut Zilcher
Shabyelsky, count, his uncle Thorsten Merten
Lebedev Wolfram Koch
Zinaida Saveshna, his wife Silvia Rieger
Sasha, daughter of the Lebedevs Nele Rosetz
Lvov, young country doctor Alexander Simon
Babakina, young widow Marie-Lou Sellem
Kosykh Winfried Wagner
Borkin Milan Peschel
Nazarovna Michael Schweighöfer
Gavrila, footman Sir Henry