Music / Performance

How To Dress Well & Brendan Fernandes

How To Dress Well & Brendan Fernandes, Chicago / Toronto / New York
“What Is This Heart?”
Music / Performance
World premiere

How To Dress Well

How To Dress Well

© Andrew Folk

  • Length 70 min.

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Chicago-based producer and singer Tom Krell, who makes his own music under the alias of How To Dress Well, is among the most interesting protagonists of today’s pop avant-garde. His urgent falsetto’s laments are backed by lovingly tinkered beats and crackling sound panoramas. At times, his songs sound like they come from a worn shellac record: As a contrast with today’s rampant retro trend, Tom Krell positions second-order nostalgia, where musical memory itself becomes the subject. The performance that he has developed for Foreign Affairs with Brendan Fernandes and Simon Portigal follows the same principle: In a continual composition of all songs from his new album “What Is This Heart?”, designed especially for this concert, the dancers strike attitude and poses that appear to be a memory of typical modern dance movements. How To Dress Well’s music was re-orchestrated for a string ensemble by Californian arranger Minna Choi.

Music How To Dress Well
Arrangements Minna Choi
Choreography Brendan Fernandes with Simon Portigal
Violins Ayumi Paul and Sara Silva
Viola Shasta Ellenbogen
Cello Phoebe Scott

Production: Berliner Festspiele – Foreign Affairs

Funded by Capital Cultural Fund