Be My Guest


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For international festival directors and presenters, the Theatertreffen is always a good way of getting to know exciting new artistic signatures and directors, and to bring themselves up-to-date with current productions from German-language theatre. They frequently discover productions here that they then invite to be presented in their countries. What is their perspective on German theatre? What distinguishes it from the theatre in their countries? What do they find exciting, surprising, peculiar – or to use a special Theatertreffen-term, “remarkable” about the German theatre? Under the title of “Be My Guest“, the Goethe-Institut is launching an exchange between an international presenter and the Theatertreffen, which will examine all these questions. This year’s guest is Darío Lopérfido, artistic director of the international festival Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires (FIBA) in Argentina. He will be in Berlin during the time of the Theatertreffen to see the selected productions. There will also be opportunities for him to present his work and to talk about the theatre in his country. At the end of the Theatertreffen, he will share his impressions of German theatre in a public talk, where he will describe his observations and give a personal account of his time in Berlin, which will include not only the productions but also the theatre’s role in society. And maybe he will give a hint as to which of the productions he saw may be interesting for his country. “Be My Guest“ will also be the motto of the return visit, when the Goethe-Institut will present the German theatre together with Darío Lopérfido at the FIBA in Buenos Aires. There will be expert talks, a video series – and a guest performance selected at the Theatertreffen 2014.

With Darío Lopérfido and international guests