Music / Performance

Phantom Ghost & Cosima von Bonin

Phantom Ghost & Cosima von Bonin, Berlin / Hamburg / Cologne
“Retrospectres – Phantoms and Ghosts (1999–2014)”
Music / Performance
World premiere

Phantom Ghost & Cosima von Bonin

Phantom Ghost & Cosima von Bonin

© Michael Straßburger / Dejan Saric

  • Length 100 min.
  • In English and German

Past Dates

The duo Phantom Ghost is developing a dramatically heightened variety of classical “Lied” recitals. Composer, producer and theatre musician Thies Mynther and singer Dirk von Lowtzow (well-known through his band Tocotronic) extemporize in grand gestures, quoting classic Broadway musicals, Victorian poetry as well as Freudian psychoanalysis. For Foreign Affairs, Phantom Ghost’s music will be the starting point of a polymorphous, perverse installation. Visual artist Cosima von Bonin will provide a conceptually exalted stage design, using fluffy sea animals among others; design duo Augustin Teboul will dress the musicians in minimalist luxurious neo-Goth-Dandy costumes. A lecture on poultry and sea animals in dance theatre, held by dramaturge Eike Wittrock, is part of the programme, as is the intervention by puppeteers Rike Schuberty and Tucké Royale who will bring the seemingly dead sea dwellers to life for us.

Music & performance Phantom Ghost
Stage Cosima von Bonin
Costumes Augustin Teboul
Puppetry Tucké Royale, Rike Schuberty
Lecture Eike Wittrock
Directorial advice Johannes Müller, Philine Rinnert

Production: Berliner Festspiele – Foreign Affairs
Co-production: Internationales Sommerfestival Hamburg

Funded by Capital Cultural Fund