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Orchestre de Paris / Christoph Eschenbach

Past Dates

The Orchestre de Paris has existed for only 40 years, but it builds on a longer tradition. In 1967 it took the place of the orchestra of conservatory concerts, which made Beethoven popular in France. The new orchestra also considers it a vital task to raise a new and permanent public awareness for musical works.

Christoph Eschenbach, principle conductor since 2000, presents a programme constructed around the fascination with distant shores: visions of faith in Messiaen’s first orchestral work; fairy-tale magic in Ravel’s Mother Goose, and fascination with India in Zemlinsky’s symphony, adapted from texts by Rabindranath Tagore. The orchestra received a Grammy Award for the recording of the work with Christine Schäfer, Matthias Goerne und Christoph Eschenbach.

Concert Programme

Olivier Messiaen [1908–1992]
Les offrandes oubliées [1930]
Symphonic meditation for orchestra

Maurice Ravel [1875–1937]
Ma mère l’oye [1908–11]
Complete version of the ballet music

Alexander Zemlinsky [1871–1942]
Lyric Symphony op. 18 [1922/23]
in seven chants after poems by Rabindranath Tagore
for soprano, baritone and orchestra


Christine Schäfer soprano
Matthias Goerne baritone

Orchestre de Paris
Christoph Eschenbach conductor