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Die 12 Cellisten der Berliner Philharmoniker / Philharmonia Quartett Berlin

Past Dates

Reception after the concert in the foyer of the Kammermusiksaal with the opportunity to talk to Bianca Jagger and Jakob von Uexküll.

The ensemble owes its existence to a coincidence: In 1972, the extraordinary chamber music formation of the Berlin Philharmonic emerged as a consequence of the discovery and recording of a Romantic work for twelve celli. The twelve cellists provided their own repertoire – through commissions and arrangements. They leave the limits of the music industry behind: they do not assign Pärt and Piazolla to separate musical worlds. The soloists of the Philharmonic string sections have played in the multi-awarded Philharmonia Quartet since 1985. In his only chamber work, Bruckner reveals a side of his musical thought that often remains hidden in the monumentality of his symphonies.


Arvo Pärt [*1935]
Fratres [1978] for twelve cellos

Bianca Jagger, Jakob von Uexküll about the World Future Council

Astor Piazzolla [1921–1992]
Suite del Ángel [1957–65]
Milonga del Ángel – La muerte del Ángel – La ressurrección del Ángel
written for the Octeto, arranged for twelve cellos by José Carli

Anton Bruckner [1824–1896]
String Quintet in F major [1879]


The 12 cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Philharmonia Quartett Berlin
Daniel Stabrawa 1st violin
Christian Stadelmann 2nd violin
Neithard Resa 1st viola
Ulrich Knörzer 2nd viola (guest)
Jan Diesselhorst violoncello

A joined event of IPPNW Concerts, musikfest berlin | Berliner Festspiele and the Stiftung Berliner Philharmoniker as part of the musikfest berlin 08 on the occasion of the IPPNW congress »Culture of Peace«.