The 10 Selected Productions

The Ruby Town Oracle

A Non-stop Performance Installation by SIGNA
Schauspiel Köln

World premiere 13 October 2007
The Ruby Town Oracle

The Ruby Town Oracle

© Signa Sørensen / Arthur Köstler

  • non-stop

Talk with the audience
Moderation Barbara Burckhardt
Mon 12 May 17:00 in the spiegelBAR

This is about immersing yourself in a new world, not only intellectually and spiritually, but also with your whole body. The audience moves around in a derelict city made of freight containers. They take part in life in this no-man’s land, drinking and dancing with the inhabitants, getting a massage or visiting a peepshow. Soldiers go on patrol, arrest visitors and interrogate them. The underlying themes are power, proximity and deception, a strange young woman who sleeps for days and weeks on end in a shrine above the container city and then suddenly awakes. Her name is Martha Rubin. You can visit her, make sacrifices to her, and hope that she opens her eyes for a few moments. “Die Erscheinungen der Martha Rubin” is a highly unusual form of theatre. The performers improvise for up to 84 hours, yet most of them are not professional actors. The audience can influence and decide what they experience. They research the background and are like ethnologists – or just observers and tourists, if they prefer. The Danish-Austrian performance duo SIGNA reproduces the fascination of computer games in real life and brings remarkable immediacy and warmth to the theatre, as well as a strong element of unsettling energy.


Conceived by Signa Sørensen & Arthur Köstler
Directed by Signa Sørensen
Production Design Signa Sørensen, Thomas Bo Nilsson, Arthur Köstler
Media and Technical Design Arthur Köstler
Stage Design Thomas Bo Nilsson
Dramaturgy Sybille Meier
Assistance Stage Design Linn Lamberg

Louisa Aisin, Frank Bätge, Maria Pía Bertoldi, Angelika Christ-Dyrda, Toaseef Chughtai, Jeanne Helene Dolberg Elkjær, Stig Eivind Vatne, Judith Fraune, Ana Valeria González, Emil Groth Larsen, Nina Hellenkemper, Gabi Hift, Jens Ibsen Kure, Birgitte Klæbel, Dominik Klingberg, Tristan Alexander Kold Christensen, Arthur Köstler, Emily Kraus, Ulf Rathjen Kring Hansen, Gregor Kukwa, Ilil Land-Boss, Sol Montaldo, Frank Morath, Stefanie Mühlhan, Andreas Nickel, Thomas Bo Nilsson, Marie-Lydie Nokouda, Kathrin Osterberg, Juri Padel, Max Pross, Saskia Rüsenberg, Nina Sigurd, Ebbe Herman Sørensen, Signa Sørensen, Jenny Steenken, Momo Subotic, Norbert Thomé, Sarah Türks, Katrin Wälz, Mareike Wenzel, Tom Wirtz, Gry Worre Hallberg

Supported by the Kulturstiftung NRW and Kunststyrelsen