Angélica Liddell

Angélica Liddell / Atra Bilis TEATRO, Madrid
“Tandy (Cycle of the Resurrections)”
Inspired by the novel “Winesburg, Ohio” by Sherwood Anderson
World premiere

Angélica Liddell: Tandy

Angélica Liddell: Tandy

  • Length 60 min
  • In Spanish with German/English surtitles

Past Dates

In her latest piece “Tandy”, which will see its World Premiere at Foreign Affairs, Spanish performer and director Angélica Liddell unfolds a love elegy with truly delusional features. It is based on Sherwood Anderson’s story “Tandy”, where a little girl adopts this name after hearing a prophecy of “Be Tandy!” The story is set in the dreariness of the American Mid-West, at the turn of the century. Tandy is a cipher for the general hopelessness of love. The drama is repeated on stage, the little girl is present, as is the stranger who gave her her name. A name which she identifies with to the point of delusion and which will become the embodiment of a veritable love sickness later on in her life. If what I think of as love is a disease, the artist asks, then what is love? Her answer is beyond the humane. Once more, Liddell’s cruel theatre deals with a female biography and asks what the text spoken over this young girl’s body will do to her, how it will inscribe itself into her biography and determine her life.

With Fabián Augusto Gómez Bohórquez, Lola Jiménez, Angélica Liddell, Sindo Puche

Direction, scenography Angélica Liddell
Text Sherwood Anderson, Angélica Liddell
Light Octavio Gómez
Sound Antonio Navarro
Technical director Marc Bartoló
Stage manager África Rodríguez
Production, logistics Mamen Adeva
Production manager Gumersindo Puche

Production: Iaquinandi, S.L.
Co-production: Berliner Festspiele – Foreign Affairs / Temporada Alta – Festival de Tardor de Catalunya Girona / Salt 2014
With support of: Comunidad de Madrid / Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte – INAEM

With support of: Instituto Cervantes

In collaboration with: ST. AGNES