Manuela Infante

Manuela Infante / Teatro de Chile, Santiago de Chile

Manuela Infante: Zoo

Manuela Infante: Zoo

© Patricio Imbrogno

  • Length 65 min
  • In Spanish with German/English surtitles

Past Dates

Artist Talk
9 July 2014 following the performance

In the 1850s, the exhibition of human beings from other continents at European funfairs made for a questionable culmination of European colonialism. The young Chilean director Manuela Infante draws on this story and applies it to our times. On a journey to Tierra del Fuego, explorers discover survivors of an indigenous tribe that had long been believed extinct. They bring them to civilization and finally present them to us in the theatre. Right at the beginning, however, the scientists ponder the impossibility of making true statements in the theatre: Actors will always present a false reality, will always lead us on. What does this mean for the “exhibits” on stage? Are the explorers just acting? Are they just telling us, like ethnologists from bygone eras, what they think they have found out? And could their insights be based only on the fact that the alleged savages are the best actors of all? Nothing is certain in this narrative, which doesn’t just provide a humorous parody of colonial history, but also poses the fundamental question of how far the theatre is capable of telling the truth.

With Cristián Carvajal, Ariel Hermosilla, Héctor Morales, Rafael Contreras

Directed by Manuela Infante
Dramaturgy Manuela Infante and Teatro de Chile
Video Nicole Senerman
Stage Claudia Yolin and Rocío Hernández
Sound design, music Diego Noguera
Acting coach María José Parga
Production Katy Cabezas
Graphic design Javier Pañella

With support of: Goethe Institut