Music / Performance

Scott King

Scott King, London
“The Festival of Stuff”
A Laptop Late-Night Fantasy

Scott King: The Festival of Stuff

Scott King: The Festival of Stuff

  • Length 70 min
  • In English

Past Dates

17 May – 12 July 2014
“Totem Motif”
Exhibition by Scott King
Between Bridges
Keithstraße 15, 10787 Berlin
WED–SUN 12:00–18:00

Haven’t we all been there? You come home late at night after a few drinks; you have another beer and begin to browse through YouTube … and to dream of being the protagonist in some personally significant moments from pop history. Wouldn’t it be great if some of these fantasies could come true? Since the 1990s, Scott King, artist, graphic designer and author from London, has been investigating image production, the imagistic and emblematic in pop – first as art director for i-D magazine, later designing album covers for the Pet Shop Boys, Suicide or Morrissey. In his own works, he circles around the seemingly ephemeral objects of pop culture – gestures, hair styles, clothes and accessories, visual productions on stage or in video clips. King manages to show again and again that the “essence” of pop will not be found at its apparent centre – in music – at all, but rather in the accumulation of ephemera, the “stuff” which will be at the hub of this pop-musical live research.

Conceived by Scott King
Music & performance Luke Haines, Mathew Sawyer, Russell Haswell, The Romanian Karaoke Pistols, Lady Bruts of Disco, The Ian Curtis Dance Contest, Jeremy Deller
Pop junk Bob Stanley
Texts Tom Morton, Bob Stanley, Matt Worley

Production: Berliner Festspiele – Foreign Affairs

Funded by Capital Cultural Fund

With support of: British Council