Cédric Dambrain

Cédric Dambrain, born 1979 in Brussels, is a composer, performer and instrument designer based in Brussels. His sonic research includes compositions for ensembles, solo works, electronic/computer music, installations and live performances. His last written piece, “In Memoriam F.R. v.3” for processed trumpet and live electronics (2012), is to be released on a split 12" vinyl (Sub Rosa, Belgium).Next to his musical work, Cédric Dambrain has collaborated vastly in the field of music theater and dance performance.

He recently completed the design of a music controller prototype with vibrotactile feedback, aiming to develop a genuinely physical approach of electronic music. He is currently working on a solo project focusing on physiological sound experiments and perception thresholds.http://www.roughledge.com/


As of February 2015

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