ensemble mosaik

The artistic work of ensemble mosaik relies on the continuity of its musicians’ community, on their explorative creativity, on networking, on collaborations with artists of all disciplines, with other en-sembles, and with event organisers. It also builds on intercultural exchange as a reflection and as an inspiration of global artistic goals.
Since its founding in 1997, being a particularly versatile and experimental formation, ensemble mo-saik has grown into a renowned ensemble for contemporary music. Its members are distinguished by their instrumental skills as well as their individual creativity. In many years of collaboration, they have created an ensemble that demonstrates openness to a wide variety of contemporary music con-cepts at the highest artistic level.

ensemble mosaik’s activities are characterised by close collaboration with young composers and the integration of digital media in the areas of composition, interpretation and presentation. An egalita-rian way of working in exchange with all participants of its concert projects is preferred. By opening up work processes, creativity is bundled and intensified. For years, ensemble mosaik has been work-ing continuously with many composers, thus making it possible to develop music over long periods of time in a collaborative process.
ensemble mosaik tests new concert formats that reflect individual works in the context of an overall context, focus on current trends, and open up specific perspectives. In collaborations with artists from other disciplines or musical genres, the concerts themselves become experimental arrange-ments.


ensemble mosaik

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