Bruce Collings

Bruce Collings likes to try out various ways of getting from A to B – in his car and, above all, with his trombone.

He was born in Kansas City, USA, in 1957. Collings’s leanings towards a versatile approach were reinforced by his studying with Steven Zellmer (University of Minnesota) and – even more so – the unorthodox John Swallow (New England Conservatory, Boston). Since then, one thing has been clear: a trombonist has to be prepared for anything. This conviction later preserved him from becoming exclusively a member of brass quintets or symphony orchestras – even if Collings has made his mark here as well; for example, by receiving a prize for quintet-playing at the International Competition in Narbonne (France), and obtaining a position as 1st trombonist with the Bergische Symphoniker.

As a member of the Ensemble Musikfabrik Collings now has plenty of opportunity to explore the extensive possibilities of his instrument. “Sometimes I look at a new piece and think: ‘That’s impossible to play.’ But I know that – sooner or later – it will be possible. What’s fascinating for me, and an exciting challenge, is continually developing one’s technique and oneself.”

As of June 2017

Bruce Collings

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