Sibylle Peters

Dr. Sibylle Peters studied Literature and Philosophy in Hamburg and has been teaching and researching at the universities of Hamburg, Munich, Wales, Basel and Berlin since 1997. She is head of the Forschungstheater (research theatre) at Hamburg’s FUNDUS THEATER. As a performer and a director, she has created numerous projects, some of them in cooperation with geheimagentur, whose “Unwahrscheinlichkeitsdrive (Improbability Drive” was presented at Foreign Affairs in 2013. She is head of the department of “Cultural Education and Research” of the post-graduate research group “Versammlung und Teilhabe (Assembly and Participation)”. Her work focusses on theories of assembly, the use of time in media and trans-disciplinary research processes. Recent publications include: “Der Vortrag als Performance (Lecture as performance)”, Bielefeld 2011, “Das Forschen aller: Wissensproduktion zwischen Kunst, Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft (Everyone’s research: Knowledge production between art, science and society)”, Bielefeld 2013 and “Versammlung und Teilhabe (Assembly and participation)”, Bielefeld 2014.

As of June 2015

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