Greg Beller

Greg Beller is a former student of the Normal School and holds an aggregation in physics, two Master degrees in music and a PhD in computer science. He works as a researcher, a teacher and a computer designer for digital arts. Since joining the Analysis/Synthesis team at IRCAM, he has become interested in the musicality of the spoken voice. After working on speech synthesis and prosodic modelling, he presented a PhD thesis on generative models for expressivity and their applications for speech and music, especially through performance. He has co-organized the four conferences string EMUS on the expressivity in music and speech. He takes part in a range of artistic projects as a music composer and as an artistic installation designer. He is currently computer-music designer at IRCAM where he works with composers like L. Francesconi, R. Cendo, J. Lenot, T. Murail, G. Aperghis, E. Canat De Chizy, R. Rivas and theatre directors like L. Lagarde, J. Gamblin, M. Roy, C. Teste, E. Rousset, G. Vincent in the creation, realization and interpretation of their pieces.

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