Nicholas Bussmann

Nicholas Bussmann is a conceptual musician and composer. Originally an improvising cellist, he since has expanded his practice to a wide range of musical genres, from electronic music to conceptual art. He works with a number of collaborators including the Cottbusser Chor, his Berlin based vocal ensemble, the duo Telebossa with Chico Mello; the formation Rydberg with Werner Dafeldecker; and as Nicholas Desamory with Lucile Desamory. As a curator he has worked at Berlin Documentary Forum, Shanghai Biennale 2014 and the HKW Berlin.

“The News Trilogy” is an ongoing project. Part I “The News Blues” has been performed at Shanghai Biennale 42 times, Part I and Part II “Major News / Minor News” has been performed at Museo Serralves Porto and Hangar Bicocca Milan.

As of January 2016