Bruno Pocheron

Bruno Pocheron (born in 1968) studied visual arts in France, lives in Berlin. He works internationally mostly as lighting designer, but also as technical director, set designer and sound designer. He initiated, with Isabelle Schad and Ben Anderson, the collaborative framework “Good Work”, concerned with the representation and perception of the body onstage and in society. He is currently involved in stage projects with Judith Depaule (Paris), Anne Juren (Vienna), Alix Eynaudi (Vienna) Jana Unmüssig (Berlin), An Kaler (Berlin/Vienna), Martin Nachbar (Berlin) and Annie Dorsen (New York).

He is co-organizing Wiesen55, a collective working space in Berlin-Wedding, and Gangplank, an open network focusing on inter-media communication; relations between technology and art, and cross-overs between the fields at play in contemporary performance-making. He develops open-source interfaces in PureData allowing fluid communication between lights, sound and video and researches the dramaturgical impact of these elements.

As of January 2016

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