Wolfram Sander

Wolfram Sander was born in 1978 and is a trained carpenter. He has been working as artistic production manager for the festival Theaterformen Hannover/Braunschweig since 2013. Both before joining the festival and during his work there, he has worked as a freelancer in a wide variety of fields: as a lighting- and sound designer, performer, director, musician, stage designer, translator and production and technical director. He completed his studies of applied theatre studies in Gießen and Montréal with a thesis on “Vocal strategies in contemporary theatre and performance: Approaching an aesthetic of hearing”.

In 2007 he was a director and curator of the Festival diskurs 07 – Festival for Performing Arts. Following this, he was Heiner Goebbels’ assistant for the staged concert “I went to the house but did not enter”, featuring the Hilliard Ensemble. At the Ruhrtriennale festival in 2012, he was the artistic production manager for Needcompany (“marketplace 76”) and Robert Lepage (“Playing Cards I: Spades”). His own artistic creations, including “Emupong”, an interactive installation for ping-pong table and computer, the staged concert “otherRooms/otherVoices” for 14 loudspeakers and live instrumentalists and two solos, “SirenSongs” and “Wenn ich einmal groß bin… oder wie wir wurden was wir sind” have been presented in Berlin, Lyon, Stockholm, Hamburg, Frankfurt/Main, Zurich, Vienna, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Hildesheim, Bremen, Offenbach and Gießen.

He recently contributed as a performer and musician to “Ausbrennen – Songs von der Selbstverwertung oder Melodien für den Feierabend“, both on stage (Freischwimmer-Festival) and on the radio (SWR radio play). Since 2008, he has worked regularly with Rimini Protokoll (“100% Amsterdam”, “100% Philadelphia” and “100% San Diego”, “Black Tie”), bigNotwendigkeit, Andreas Liebmann, Beatrice Fleischlin & Anja Meser and Kötter/Seidl. In 2010, the music theatre production “Anfahrt und Abkunft” (in cooperation with Stefan Weihrauch and Katja Reetz) was one of the award winning productions at the realization competition operare at Zeitgenössische Oper Berlin.

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