TM404 is a unique live project from Andreas Tilliander.

Mokira is the first and main alias for the Swedish producer Andreas Tilliander. When conceived in the nineties, it was all about noise and sound rather than anything else.

In 2000 Mokira released its debut on Germany’s prestigious label Raster-Noton. The album, entitled “Cliphop”, helped defining the clicks genre and Tilliander started performing live all over the world. The music was rhythmical with sparse minimalism and glitch grooves. After releasing an album the next year on Mille Plateaux, Mokira changed its focus for the third album, released in 2003 on Type Records. The Type album was without percussion and the music was all about huge pads and analogue delays.

Nowadays the music of Mokira may be described as a mixture of those two style. Somewhat rhythmical and with layers of dirty echoing sounds recorded mainly on vintage gear. Electronic kraut, harsh ambient, and the deepest dub. Detroit Techno without the techno part.

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