Miho Takayasu

Mogura Kagura is a Japanese performance group attempting to modernize Kagura with electronic music. Kagura is an oldest Japanese folk performances shown at shrine’s rituals. Miho Takayasu has performed Kagura since her childhood. Recently she has attempted to apply a traditional Kagura style to a contemporary performing style. She created a unique style named Takayasu Kagura and gave lectures about it in Germany. Not only for Japanese but also for everybody, they play Kagura.

Performer: Miho Takayasu (as Mochiko Mugura) / Ichizo Yoshioka (as Horizo Ana) / Takashi Fujimoto (as Takashi Mogura)

Japan, Rock Band, Folk Performances, Modernization, Kagura (神楽), Shoegazer, ambient, Mikomai (巫女舞)

As of March 2016

Miho Takaysu

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