Islam Chipsy

Exploding out of Cairo, Egypt, Islam Chipsy and his band E.E.K. are a three-way force of nature described by those who’ve been caught in the eye of their storm as one of the most exciting live propositions on the planet. Electro chaabi keyboard pioneer Islam Chipsy’s joyous, freewheeling sonic blitz warps the standard oriental scale system into otherworldly shapes, flanked by Khaled Mando and Mahmoud Refat raining down a percussive maelstrom behind dual drum kits. With a trail of devastating club shows in the past year having cemented their word-of-mouth reputation as a must-see live act, the time has come for them to send shockwaves through Europe, from summer festival stages to rave bunkers. 100 Copies Music / Nashazphone released the electrifying live bootleg “Live at the Cairo High Cinema Institute” in 2014. This was followed in 2015 by the group’s debut studio album, entitled “Kahraba”. Recorded in late 2014 in downtown Cairo, it contains four tracks perfectly representing Chipsy’s wild and inimitable artistic spectrum, ranging from the frenzied sound signature technique that brought him his fame to the band’s individual manoeuverings of typical Egyptian standards such as the Northeastern Nile delta Simsimiyya or Upper Egypt’s traditional Mouled Saidi.

As of May 2016

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