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33⅓ Collective was founded in 2008 and is based in Zwolle, the Netherlands. It is formed by the artists Jules van Hulst, Douwe Dijkstra and Coen Huisman. They met as students at ArtEZ, the art college in Zwolle, where they produced the video narrative for the music-theatre adaption of “The Falls”, an early work by Peter Greenaway, which was supervised by the master himself. After graduating they created a series of video projects in which they demonstrated their contrarian way of creating unconventional narratives and divergent worlds, projected on a-typical objects and ready-mades – which has since become the Collective’s trademark. In 2010 the Collective created “Bluebeard”, a video production based on the infamous French folk tale “La Barbe Bleue”. The production premièred at the Voi-Z Festival Zwolle 2011 and signalled 33⅓ Collective’s proper breakthrough with presentations at the Operadagen Rotterdam, the Cryptic Festival Glasgow and the Prototype Festival New York. In 2013 the International Theatre Institute awarded 33⅓ Collective a “Certificate of Achievement” for this production. That their striking approach to the arts has not gone unnoticed, is also evident from the number of projects that 33⅓ Collective has (co)created up to this day. For their one-of-a-kind contribution to the opera “Private View”, which premiered in May 2015, they (and the composer AnnelIes van Parys) were awarded the prestigious Fedora Prize for new Opera. After the successful German premiere of this production the Collective was invited by the Deutsche Oper Berlin to develop a project for the 2017 opera-season.


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