Koen Broos

“Koen Broos deliberately places himself completely outside of that self-referential world in which nothing surprises us anymore and everything must reassure. With his photographs he seems rather to strive after the opposite: to save photography from the clutches of the dominant image culture of the recognizable, predictable and repeatable.” (Harold Polis, 2015)

Koen Broos (*1972) studied photography in Antwerp. He focussed already from the start of his photographic career on author portraits and theatre photography. He collaborated with several cultural institutions and companies. Broos always creates his own visual and creative language within the boundaries of commissioned work.

He has worked for De Bezige Antwerpen, Polis Publisher, Toneelhuis, de KOE, STAN, Theater Zuidpool, Eastman / Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and others. This is how he works for already several years now in which he’s always seeking the confidence and creativity of long term collaborations. He guides the scenography for the international music ensemble Graindelavoix and preserves the light and set design of the film “Ossuaires” and is the DOP off the new film “Outlandish” about Thomas More’s “Utopia”.

From 2008 on Koen Broos has exposed his autonomous work, which he gathers in numbered series, in C-Mine in Genk, Galeria ASVS in Porto, the Bourla Theater in Antwerp, Kaaitheater in Brussels, Workplace in Antwerp, Elim Art in Kapellen, Flachlandfestival in Berlin and at several private places.


As of January 2017

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