Werner Landwehr

Werner Landwehr has lived in Berlin since 1976 and has been working for the GLS Bank since 1995. As a graduate in banking administration (ADG Business School) and authorised representative of the GLS Bank, Werner Landwehr has already taken on several positions in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Bochum, most recently as the divisional director of the nationwide credit business of the bank. In early 2008 he took over the development of the GLS Bank Berlin and manages their main office in the capital with 24 employees to the present day. Dealing with money in a conscious way is part of his and the GLS Bank’s business organisation.

Participation in various associations and networks, including the Stiftungsrat Ricam Hospice, the board of the Centre for Child Development Berlin, the board of the Forum Kreuzberg Wohngenossenschaft eG, and the board of the Association of Waldorf Kindergartens Berlin / Brandenburg.

As of February 2017