Ruba Alkudsi

Ruba Alkudsi is a literary scholar who, after her studies at the prestigious Damascus University, began work in the media sector. She started her career as a journalist in the editorial department for social affairs and politics at the biggest free weekly newspaper in Syria. Since then she has been an investigative journalist. In the years that followed, she worked for newspapers and magazines such as “Al-Watan”, “Juhaynah News” and “DayPress Damascus”; for the latter, she was the editor-in-chief of the NGO team. After settling in Germany a few years ago, she has remained in the field of the media. Since September 2016, Ruba Alkudsi has been a broadcaster on the radio programme “Good Morning Deutschland”. She also presents the Internet radio show, “Offenes Haus der Kulturen” in German and Arabic, which operates under the auspices of the Student Centre. The broadcast looks at current issues such as the way in which funding and opportunities are treated by and for refugees. In addition, Ms. Alkudsi works as a volunteer in various socio-cultural projects, thereby making a contribution to the integration of refugees in Germany. The most exciting project that she is currently pursuing is the foundation and long-term establishment of an Arab cultural centre.

Since May 2016 Ms. Alkudsi has been a lecturer of Arabic at the University of Applied Science in Frankfurt.

As of March 2017

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