Fabián Barba

Fabián Barba was born in Quito in 1982, where he studied dance and theatre, and worked as a professional performer. Parallel to his artistic formation, Fabián followed classes on communication and literature. In 2004 he went to Brussels to join P.A.R.T.S. Barba is a founding member of Busy Rocks. He has created two solo performances: “A Mary Wigman Dance Evening” (2009) and “a personal yet collective history” (2012). In collaboration with Mark Franko he worked on “Le marbre tremble” (2014) and with Esteban Donoso on “slugs’ garden” (2014). He also works as a dancer for Zoo / Thomas Hauert. He has presented his work in places like MoMA (New York), Kaaitheater (Brussels), Frascati (Amsterdam), Dance Umbrella (London), Ignite Dance Festival (New Delhi), Festival Panorama (Rio de Janeiro).

In June 2016 he received his master degree in Autonomous Design in KASK (Ghent) graduating with honours.

As of March 2017

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