Diako Nahid

Diako Nahid was born to a family of musicians in the town of Saqiz / Saghez in East Kurdistan (Iran). In 1994, he fled from Iran via Turkey to Germany. In addition to his professional activities as an interpreter of several languages, he is a presenter on the Frankfurt Student Centre’s radio programme “Good Morning Deutschland” for refugees which broadcasts on two other local stations in Stuttgart and Donaueschingen in Arabic, Kurdish and Persian. Together with Dr. Behruz Çemenara, Diako Nahid carries our research on the Kurdish language as a member of the Society for Kurdish Studies (IISKS). Nahid grew up in a musical family. Both his father Mihemed Nahid and his grandfather Feyzulah Khan Nahid are well-known singers and musicians of Kurdish music from East Kurdistan.

As of March 2017

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