C. K. Raju

C. K. Raju holds an honours degree in physics, a M.Sc. in math from Mumbai, and a PhD (1980) from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. He played a key role in building the first Indian supercomputer Param, and has long been a Professor of mathematics and computer science. He has worked extensively on the physics and philosophy of time. In “Time: Towards a Consistent Theory” (Kluwer, 1994) he proposed a new physics, using a tilt in the arrow of time which allows future to act on the present. In “The Eleven Pictures of Time” (Sage, 2003) he proposed a new way to relate science and various religions through time perceptions. He has taught decolonized courses, even in math, using zeroism, a philosophy of math used to develop calculus in India, long before Newton and Leibniz. He is President Elect of the Indian Social Science Academy.


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