Madina Tlostanova

Madina Tlostanova is professor of postcolonial feminism at the Department of Thematic Studies (Gender studies) at Linköping University (Sweden). Tlostanova focuses on decolonial thought, post socialist studies, non-Western feminisms, contemporary art and fiction. She was a DAAD professor at the University of Bremen (2006, 2011), an international researcher at Duke University (2007), a visiting scholar at Linköping University (2013) and Södertorn University (2014). Her most recent books include “Gender Epistemologies and Eurasian Borderlands” (2010), “Learning to Unlearn: Decolonial Reflection from Eurasia and the Americas” (co-authored with Walter Mignolo, 2012) and the forthcoming “Postcolonialism and Postsocialism in Fiction and Art: Resistance and Re-existence” (2017).

As of March 2017

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