Rolando Vázquez

Rolando Vázquez contributes to the movement of decolonial aesthesis and thought. He is associate professor of sociology at University College Roosevelt, affiliated to the research institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON) and the Gender Studies Department of the University of Utrecht. With Walter Mignolo he has coordinated for ten Years the Middelburg Decolonial Summer School. In 2016 with Gloria Wekker et. al. he wrote the report of the Diversity Commission of the University of Amsterdam. His work seeks to transgress the dominion of contemporaneity, heteronormativity and modernity/coloniality. Developing the questions of ‘precedence’ and ‘the end of contemporaneity’ he seeks to contribute to decolonize institutions and subjectivities, epistemologies and aesthetics.

As of March 2019

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