Christine Chapman

Raised in the coastline woods of western Michigan, Christine Chapman has travelled far and wide to pursue her passion for music. In 1990, after finishing her musical studies at the University of Michigan and Indiana University, she broke out of the rural heartland of America for an orchestra job on the still fresh border between East and West Germany. The desire to gain a bit of work experience before returning to the States has since turned into a quarter of a century of exploration and adventure.

As a member of Ensemble Musikfabrik, Christine Chapman has had the opportunity to collaborate directly with many of today’s greatest composers, premiering and performing works by Karlheinz Stockhausen, Wolfgang Rihm, Peter Eötvös, Rebecca Saunders and Georg Friedrich Haas, among others. The experience of performing “outside of the box”, such as with the music of Harry Partch, La Monte Young, Sun Ra, or Mouse on Mars, is the main impetus of her work. “Trying to see through the technicalities of playing to bring out the soul of the music; that is what's so exciting for me.”

As of June 2017

Christine Chapman

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