Florentin Ginot

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Florentin Ginot

“Contemporary music is about researching something new: new sounds, new music, new energy, new feelings, a new way of making music.”

Florentin Ginot started playing cello at the age of eight. When he was nine he recognized his interest in double bass. The intensive body relation between him as a musician and the instrument is very special to him, particularly because of the size, the low frequency and the resistance of the strings which imply an intense energy to create resonances: „Working with the double bass is a never ending process of research, which is focused on the resonances and the natural sound of it. For playing the double bass you need to be involved with your instrument. It’s kind of a relationship between the body, the double bass and the hands.”

He collaborates with Ensemble Modern, L’Itinéraire or Aleph Ensemble, IRCAM, La Muse en Circuit and Ensemble intercontemporain. In involvement with contemporary composers like Helmut Lachenmann, Martin Matalon, Kaija Saariaho and Aurélio Edler-Copes he diversifies his experiences and his expertise about contemporary and new music.

“Contemporary music is a really big challenge for a musician: playing new pieces, trying new techniques which sometimes nobody ever played before and which you don’t know either. In a certain time you have all these feelings of insecurity and you don’t know if it will work and even if it is worth the work. This open research of new techniques, new pieces and new art is exactly what contemporary music is to me.”

Recently Florentin Ginot is a member of Ensemble Musikfabrik. What he enjoys most about being part of an ensemble is the artistic exchange between the musicians. “Through every conversation, all rehearsals, and through every contact with the musicians I get so much input for my individual involvement with music. Through Ensemble Musikfabrik I find a lot of inspiration and numerous new ideas. Being a part of an ensemble means diversity.”


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