Adrian Gutzelnig

Adrian Gutzelnig, born 1989 in Klagenfurt in Austria, lives and works in Berlin. After training in the field of technically grounded design and developing his own projects in audiovisual media, he began to study Time-Based Media / Visual Arts at the Berlin University of the Arts, which he completed with the distinction of Meisterschüler in 2017. In classes taught by Hito Steyerl, Jimmy Roberts and Ming Wong, he intensified his practise of developing large-scale installative approaches. Due to his guest studies with the composer Kirsten Reese, these approaches often also have a sound-art component. His works attempt to lead his viewers into a state of meditative silence by way of sensual stimulation and conceptual approaches, and to encourage them to exist and perceive in the now through the mirror of artistic form – a close connection with the artist’s own personal spiritual practise. Among his works are a sound and video installation entitled “between 0 and 12” from the year 2015, based on sounds of ice which he collected during a winter residence at Lake Baikal and on algorithmic image manipulation, and the 2017 installation “Rußschwarz – ein Ritual des Loslassens”, which is activated by both the viewer and the artist as performer. In 2016, he created an exhibition which focused on his own origins, together with his father, Siegfried Gutzelnig. Adrian Gutzelnig’s works have been shown at Hamburger Bahnhof, ZKM Karlsruhe and others.

As of December 2017

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