Martina Groß

DPhil Martina Groß is a theatre and literature scholar and works as a research associate at the Department for Media, Theatre and Popular Culture of the University of Hildesheim. She studied Romance Philology, Theatre, Film and Media Studies in Paris, Nantes and Frankfurt/Main and obtained a DPhil in Frankfurt in 2013 with a work on the Market Theatre in Paris and the city’s theatre development around 1700. Her publications and research include the topics of the theatre of the Early Modern Age, the history and theory of experimental theatre forms, issues of alternative historical narrative, the figure of the spectator in theatre theory and practise and interference areas between theatre and travel movements. They include works like “Lücken sehen… Beiträge zu Theater, Literatur und Performance“ (2010), “Populärkultur im Gegenwartstheater” (2012) und “Querelle, Begräbnis, Wiederkehr: Alain-René Lesage, der Markt und das Theater” (2016).

As of December 2017

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