Stefanie Diekmann

Stefanie Diekmann is a professor of media studies and chair of the Media and Theater Studies Department at Hildesheim University. Before that, she taught as a professor of media and theater studies at Munich University and as a visiting professor at (among others) FU Berlin, University of Berne, The University of Texas at Austin and University College Cork. Her research focuses on intermedia relations with an emphasis on film and photography. Other topics are: film and photo theory, media discourses in fiction film, and the audiovisual aesthetics of the interview. She is also an occasional film critic for the Berlin weekly “Der Freitag”. Recent publications: “Backstage – Konstellationen von Theater und Kino” (Berlin 2013), “Six Feet Under” (Berlin, Zürich 2013), and “Die andere Szene” (ed., Berlin 2014); upcoming publications: “Die Attraktion des Apparativen” (es., with Volker Wortmann, Munich 2018).

As of December 2017

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