Ute Holl

Ute Holl teaches Media Aesthetics at the University of Basel. Her research focuses on the history of cinema and perception in the 19th and 20th century, the history of knowledge of audiovisual media, a media history of (animal) voices, of electro-acoustics and cinema sound as well as forms of experimental and ethnographical film. The centre of her approach is an attention to not-knowing, the blind spot, the subconscious which comes into effect in the field of technical media. In her doctoral thesis on politics of anthropological films, she described this as a double trance that is created in the encounter of media technology and ritual forms. Her publications on the topic include “Cinema, Trance and Cybernetics”, Amsterdam University Press, 2017; “The Moses-Complex. Freud, Schoenberg, Straub/Huillet”, Diaphanes, 2016; “Memoryscapes. Filmformen der Erinnerung”, ed. with Matthias Wittmann, Diaphanes, 2014; “Trance, Techniques Cinema and Cybernetics”, in: Heike Behrend / Anja Dreschke / Martin Zillinger (eds.): “Trance Mediums and New Media. Spirit Possession in the Age of Technical Reproduction”, Fordham University Press, 2015; “Immersion oder Alteration: Tony Conrads Flickerfilm”, in: “Montage AV. Zeitschrift für Theorie und Geschichte audiovisueller Kommunikation”, Edition: “Immersion” (2008).

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