Malo Lacroix

Born in Cayenne, French Guyana, Malo Lacroix is a visual artist who works in Lyon (France) as a performer and motion designer. His work takes place in several specific contexts from digital art to raw club music and video production. Past experiences include AV set with Fernando Corona as Murcof. Commissioned motion design for Antwerp based artist Yves De Mey, Russian experimental techno artist Dasha Rush and the club music event Haste in Lyon. He’s now operating throughout Europe at concert and club nights like De Brake Grond (Amsterdam), KitKatKlub (Berlin), Machine du Moulin Rouge (Paris), Docks des Suds (Marseilles), workshops and performances at Mirage festival, Nuits Sonores and AADN in Lyon. He also creates music videos under the moniker of Nerf Optique with Pierre Adrien and Tom Viguier (cartoon movie maker and motion designer) for clients like Neosignal (Germany), Jay Wud (Dubai), Blackrain (France) etc. His work aesthetic is focused on figurative representation transformed into abstract moving lights. With a taste for multi-layered fundamental shapes, he also went into body exploration, undefined light simulation, self-representation, complexity of relationships and haunted landscape through narrative situation. He uses a wide range of tools to distort shapes, such as paint, software production, mirrors, film, metal, glass and the body/skin itself as both medium and surface.

As of January 2018

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