Ana Jordão

Ana Jordão is a multidisciplinary performer working and researching in the fields of contemporary circus, dance and improvisation. Her work is based on a rich hybridity of circus and dance skills as well as an endless curiosity and openness to experiment. After completing a BA in Media and Cultural Studies in Edinburgh in 2006 and a degree in Circus Arts in Berlin in 2011 (specialising as a flyer of hand to hand and dance acrobatics) she continued to work as a duo in various group creation projects throughout Europe. While simultaneously collaborating with other artists, in 2014 she decides to create her first solo full-length piece “I am knot”, positioning herself for the first time as the author of her own full-length stage work. In 2017, she teams up with Jeanine Ebnöther Trott to create a duo piece, entitled “décorps d'intérieur” (ongoing creation). She continues to be actively involved in gathering physical and intellectual knowledge in order to continue refining her personal performative language, a work she regularly shares in her workshops. In the past few years, she has participated in masterclasses with teachers such as Sharon Fridman, Ricardo de Paula, Jozef Frucek, Bruno Caverna, Alexandre Fray, Aragorn Boulanger, Bauke Lievens and Jean-Michel Guy, as inspiration for bridging circus and dance with her personal movement research.

As of May 2018.

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