Tian Rotteveel

Tian Rotteveel studied music composition (2004–2009) at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and Utrecht Conservatory, as well as dance and choreography at SEAD (2009–2010) and HZT Berlin (2010–2014). Sound and movement in his work are processes that can materialize into meaning but as well into mere sensation, embracing the sensible body. It appreciates an honest process that can linger into its own world and sense-making as opposed to an aesthetic mode of production. His performance work “Soulsqueezing” (2011) was his first hybrid result having studied music and dance, and this work extensively toured in the last four years making ground in the dance community. Till date he has created three choreographic hybrid-works treating dance, music and language interchangeable to each other, working often in close collaboration with Claire Vivanne Sobottke. His musical compositions have been performed by music ensembles, such as MAE Chamber Orchestra, Rosas Ensemble and R.I.O. Orchestra. Both as composer and performer he has collaborated with David Hernandez, Jeremy Wade, Tino Sehgal, Martin Nachbar, Willy Prager, Herman Heisig, Christoph Winkler, Lea Martini, Karol Tyminski a.o. He teaches a listening and voice practice, previously taught at SEAD dance academy, Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, Dampfzentrale Bern, Antistatic Festival Sofia, Plezna Izba Maribor Slovenia, Ben J Riepe Compagnie a.o . In 2017/18 he was artist in residence at K3- Hamburg, where he premiered his newest work “only when it’s on”.

As of May 2018.

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