Gabriele Stötzer

Gabriele Stötzer was born in Emleben in 1953 and began her studies at Erfurt Institute of Education in 1973. Her exmatricaluation on political grounds in 1976 was followed by a year as a political prisoner in Hoheneck women’s prison. In 1979 she took over the private Galerie im Flur until this was liquidated by state security. From 1981 she became involved in performative photography and Super-8 films, writing for underground magazines in Prenzlauer Berg and fashion-object shows with a group of Erfurt women artists. In 1989 Gabriele Stötzer was one of the initiators of the first occupation of a state security building in the GDR. Since 1990 she has published eight books and numerous features on Honecker and forced adoption in the GDR. She has also made concert appearances reciting text with the Ensemble for Intuitive Music Weimar. Since 2010 she has taught seminars in Performance at Erfurt University. She was awarded the Federal Republic of Germany’s Order of Merit in 2013. Exhibitions: “bohemianism and dictatorship in the gdr”(2009), “re.act.feminism” (2013), “Vibrating Curves of Life” (solo exhibition at the Klassik Stiftung Weimar, 2013/14). She curated the exhibitions “Between Withdrawal and Action” (Kunsthalle Erfurt, 2016), “Antitheses” (Gropius Bau, 2018), “Torn Threads” (Brandenburg State Museum of Modern Art Cottbus, 2018), “medea rebels” (Dresden State Art Collections, 2018/19) and “The Stötzer Archive” (Gallery of Contemporary Art Leipzig, 2019).

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