Max Hertzberg

The British author Max Hertzberg writes novels which – whether they appear utopian or dystopic – evaluate possibilities of how society may develop in the future. His stories tell of people who not only live through great historical processes but also discover in the course of them that they have the power and the duty to take action. His debut “Stealing the Future” (Part I of the “East Berlin Trilogy”) describes a political experiment: How might the GDR have evolved in 1989 if the fundamental democratic ideals of the opposition had been realised? His latest work, “Cold Island”, is set in post-Brexit Britain. The novel delivers a sobering portrait of an increasingly divided and intolerant society. Max Hertzberg is also known for his collaborative work on non-fiction volumes such as “How to Set Up a Workers’ Co-operative” and “A Consensus Handbook”.

As of February 2019

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