Ozi Ozar

Director/dramaturg/actor/writer – Frankfurt, Germany
Participant International Forum 2019

Ozi Ozar was born in Tehran in 1993. He received his BA degree in Theatre Directing from Islamic Azad University in Tehran in 2017. During his time there, he was elected head of the University Academic Association. He also studied Film Directing in a film school in Tehran. While doing his bachelor, he investigated the potential of comedy. Parallel to his research he translated few theatre pieces of which some got published with censorship and few were banned by Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. This became the starting point for him to do a longer research on the power and importance of comedy. He moved to Germany to do his master at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main in the field of Comparative Dramaturgy and Performance Research. In Frankfurt he got to work with different groups of internationals such as working in the dramaturgy team of a project by Tore Vagn Lid. Beside his short films and theatre pieces, he collaborated with different artists as an assistant director, visual artist and performer.

Mohammad Reza Ozar