Matthias Baerens

Matthias Baerens was born in Parchim (Mecklenburg) in 1967. The issue of “garbage tourism” has already occupied him in the GDR era. In ecclesiastical environmental opposition groups, he worked against the confidentiality of environmental data in the GDR and for an end to toxic waste imports to the Schönberg landfill. His Greenpeace book “Die Müllconnection – Entsorger und ihre Geschäfte” (The Rubbish Connection – Waste Management Operators and Their Business), published shortly after the fall of the Wall, uncovered the German-German links in the waste business – investigations by the public prosecutor and the resignation of a minister soon followed. Matthias Baerens and his family have been living in Schwerin for many years. He works as an entrepreneur in the publishing and media sector as well as in the joint public interest project “Hof Medewege”. As a freelance author, he mainly contributes for NDR television documentaries.

As of March 2019.

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