Lucia Farinati

Lucia Farinati (I/UK) is a curator and a researcher at Kingston School of Art, London. Previously she studied on the Curatorial Programme at Goldsmiths College, London and History of Art and Aesthetics at the University of Trento (I). In 2007, she established Sound Threshold, an interdisciplinary curatorial project exploring the relationships between site, sound and text ( Since 2010 she has been working with the Precarious Workers Brigade collective, expanding her interest in sound from the curation of site-specific projects into the analysis of voice and listening as a political practice. She is the co-author with Claudia Firth of The Force of Listening, Errant Bodies Press, 2017. The book explores the role of listening in the contemporary intersection of art and activism and asks what potential for transformation it might facilitate. Written as a constructed montage in dialogic form, the book draws from conversations with artists, activists and political thinkers which took place during 2013-2014, in the aftermath of the wave of protests and occupations against austerity. Lucia is currently working on a research project on Audio Arts magazine in collaboration with the Tate Archive as part of her PhD at Kingston University.

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